Maryann Palm

Maryann started designing jewelry 13 ears ago and besides her private customers, several gift shops in Illinois carried her designs.  When she moved to Wisconsin, her jewelry designs expanded to reflect her deep connection to nature.  Involved in her local Art Community, their juried Art Show and as many as 7 gift shops, she yearned for a warmer climate.  Accepted into

the Fountain Hills Art Festival,  she made the move to Arizona!

Marsha Erb

Beaded Jewelry

Marsha and her husband are from Iowa.  She enjoys all art mediums but has a special fondness for beading.  When they bought their winter home in AZ, Marsha became fascinated by the beauty of stones.  she joined rock clubs and took lapidary lessons and now  cuts and polishes stones which she incorporates into beaded collars and wire wrapped pendants.  She wants everyone to be able to enjoy the beauty that lies under the dust. 

Susan B. Swanson

One-Of-A-Kind HandBags

​Susan is a recent transplant to Scottsdale from her native Washington state. She received a BFA in art/design from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA working in pencil and pen drawings. Years later she was introduced to the unique  possibilities and colorful seed beads. The hundreds of textures and hues of the delicate seed beads, combined with loom work is a wonderful way to create designs and colors for handbags. He beadwork has been displayed at local and regional shows including the Bellevue (WA) Art Museums's ARTS Fair, The Shops at La Cantera Art Festival in San Antonio  and the Sedona Art Festival. She has also been published the magazine, Beadwork.

Ilene Kornblue


​From painting with her Dad, to designing one of a kind jewelry creations, art has always been present in Ilene's life. Her designs have been sold in many fine Scottsdale boutiques and featured in magazines and even on television. She actively donates many of my pieces to various charitable organizations and always tells the recipients to wear her jewelry "in the best of health".

Shari Widen


Shari's original designs are from soft & romantic gemstone-beads & blown glass to bold & dramatic ancient exotic amulets. it is wearable art to bedazzle.

Sharon Hillman Martin

Altered Torsos, Loose Figure Sculpture

Sharon's love of art revolves around the female figure. Loose figure sculpture is the vehicle she uses to explore emotions ranging from humor to grief. Her work has been produced in kiln fired clays, cast bronze, cold cast bronze and fiber clay finished with various patinas from paint and wax to exotic glazes including exciting raku;. Her Altered Torso Series shows the body is beautiful even when altered by breast cancer. An Altered Torso she contributed to the Silent Auction at The Artists of Scottsdale Ranch Annual Art Show was donated to the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center by the bid winner. It is on display at the entrance to Tina's Treasures at the Center in Scottsdale. All proceeds from the sale of Sharon's art go to fund the Niki L. Martin Scholarships.


Wendy Lyons

Lifetime Keepsake Bouquets, Mixed Media

Wendy is the Chief Button Officer of The Frustrated Florist, a division of her WeeAttic collection of exotic eclectibles.  She retired in 2012 after 35 years as a local healthcare executive.  Now she spends her time bringing smiles to the faces of her patrons with flowers made from buttons, beads and anything with a bit of whimsy.  Her repertoire includes bouquets, corsages, hats and clothing embellishments, table decor and anything to which a button can be affixed.


Meet the Artists


 Jacki@JackiCohen Glass Srt

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Jacki Cohen

Glass Art Designs 

Judy Nelson


Judy started painting late in life thinking if Grandma Moses could, so could she. At the young age of 60, she took up painting for fun and fell in love with  watercolors. Most of her work is in watercolor but every once and a while, an acrylic is thrown in for good measure, she's come to see the world in different shapes and colors and has enjoyed painting both realistic and abstract offerings on paper. Judy is basically self taught but has been very fortunate to have many artistic friends and teachers in both AZ and MN, and WI where she spends her summers. She is  forever learning and has not really settled on any one "style".  Maybe that IS her know "the jack of all trades"!!!!!

Penny Kula


Penny's Russian grandmother was an artist and she is her inspiration. The Sonoran desert and brilliant skies are the source for her paintings.


2018 Participating Artists

Mary Boehm


The inspiration for Mary's watercolor paintings is drawn from her love of travel

and nature.  Her interest in architectural details and the strong expressions of color

and texture in her paintings were honed during her years in the School of Design,

Architecture and Art at the University of Cincinnati.Th e depth and breadth of Mary’s

life experiences and travel are apparent in her paintings…and, the meticulous details

in her paintings ​instill the viewer with a sense of personal relationship with Mary's artistic expressions. Mary's work has been included in various hurried shows and exhibited in galleries across the valley as well as private collections across the USA.                                                      

Debbie Beebe

Oils and Charcoal  

Debbie has always loved studying art. She began her drawing and painting journey later in life after retirement. Her works are in varied media including oils, charcoal, pastels and scratchboard. Debbie's focus is mainly on oils and charcoal. She has studied under many professional artists and for two years, attended the Academy at Scottsdale Artists' School. Debbie's work can be found in several private collections in Arizona and nationally. She currently works our of the Working Artists' Studio in the Scottsdale Airpark. 

Sheila Schneider

Pastels and Jewelry 

Sheila has been a pastellist and jeweler for many years and teaches pastels at

the Scottsdale Senior Center. This medium has been a long-time passionof hers. The process is so immediate and vibrant and the pigment pure in color. She hopes you enjoy her work as much as she enjoys creating it! Sheila also creates jewelry. She attributes her jewelry art to a need to design and create. Originally making jewelry for herself, it was an instant hit and now she designs for others. She hopes her artistic approach appeals to you.                                      

The Artists of Scottsdale Ranch and our neighboring communities are diverse and unique. Each artist tells a story through their art, whether love of nature, people, places and things, experiences, new and different techniques and materials or just plain whimsy, you are sure to be awed and delighted. 



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Art by Sheila

Beads by Sheila

Roy Bratton

Color and Black & White Photography

Roy is based out of Scottsdale. He photographs in color as well as black and

white. Creating stunning pictures of nature in abstract, landscape and natural patterns and portraits. He also photographs animals and portraits of objects.

The art of fused glass has been Jacki's artistic passion for more than a decade. From her studio in Scottsdale she created acclaimed pieces attracting clientele nationwide. The scope of Jacki's work is both functional and decorative bowls, plates, wall hangings and unique gifts. Jacki became a juried artist through the Sonoran Arts League. She is inspired by all that surrounds her. She is constantly re-envisioning ordinary objects into glass creations, delicately recreating their essence into magnificent handcrafted design.

​​Carolyn Wheelock


​Retired from the business world. Carolyn now pursues art full-time, painting in oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolors. er style is representational but not as an illustrator. She called her compositions "intimate landscapes". These include such things as patio gates, close-ups of her fish pond, interesting architectural features and focused subjects from plain air outings. She is presenting recent watercolor paintings this year.

Jeanie Fernandez


Jeanie has lived in Scottsdale 30 years after moving here from Denver, CO.She has tried various mediums such as oils, acrylics and pastels.  Six years ago after trying watercolors, she found here favorite.


Arlyne Pasco

Mixed Media

Arlyne is an accomplished multi-media artist. Agraduate of the University of Miami, She has continued her professional studies including pastels, sculpture, batik, watercolor, pen and ink and acrylics. She utilizes a process oriented approach, in other words, enjoying the journey and having fun. Arlyne is influenced by her mother Anita Pasco an accomplished and prolific acrylic artist.

Gail Eisenkramer 


​Gail spent her entire life in St Louis, MO. In the 8th grade, her interest for art began and even while working as an RN she was drawn to art. Upon retirement, she and he husband moved to Arizona. She was able to participate in art classes at the Via Linda Senior Center and studied under her friend and co -show particiant Shelia Schneider. She also paints, knits, needlepoints and makes jewelry.