Kay Frances


Canvases of bold color, floral and landscapes and a little whimsy are the focus of Kay’s art. She is a self-taught artist who began painting 7 years ago with oils and some acrylic as her mediums of choice.
To paint, has been a life-long dream for Kay and it is with joy that she paints and shares her work.  If it brings a smile to your face, then it is a success!  



Shari Widen


Shari's original designs are from soft & romantic gemstone-beads & blown glass to bold & dramatic ancient exotic amulets. it is wearable art to bedazzle.

Lisa Stein

Seascapes by Chuck Carter


Chuck had a love for the ocean. It became the mother he never knew
In fact he wrote a beautiful song called "Mother Ocean" that was
published many years ago. Not only was he a seascape
artist Chuck
entertained all over Phoenix and Scottsdale for many years. The
name of his band was " Chuck Carter and the Kinsman".  He appeared on TV and on the radio and wrote a column for one of the local papers about the music  world in and around the ​Phoenix area. He retired in the late 70's  and devoted his  time to his paintings.    His art work  hung in galleries in Hawaii, California and Scottsdale.  Unfortunately Chuck was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2008. He passed away April 21,2012. He is represented by Lisa Stein, his soul mate and she misses him very much.


Kate Secrest

Copper and Cactus


Crafting garden art from reclaimed

copper elements and organic skeletal cactus, Kate brings creativity and imagination to each of her unique productions.  Her pieces are often used as a centerpiece or container—indoor or outdoor—or as a stand-alone garden accessory. Kate’s Copper and Cactus Nests will initiate pleasant conversation among your guests and provide a sense of whimsical serenity within your home.


Sharon Hillman Martin

Altered Torsos, Loose Figure Sculpture

Sharon's love of art revolves around the female figure. Loose figure sculpture is the

vehicle she uses to explore emotions ranging from humor to grief. She also creates

functional art called figures and faces. Her work has been produced in kiln fired clays

with various patinas frompaint and wax to exotic glazes including exciting raku,

cast bronze and coldcast bronze with various patinas, Her Altered Torso Series shows

the body is beautiful even when altered by breast cancer. An Altered Torso she

contributed to the Silent Auction at The Artists ofScottsdale Ranch Annual Art Show was

donated to the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center by the bid winner. It is on display at the

entrance to Tina's Treasures at the Center in Scottsdale. All proceeds from the sale of

Sharon's art go to fund the Niki L. Martin Scholarship Fund.


Call for Artists:  February 2018 Show

Are you an artist currently living in Scottsdale Ranch or nearby?  Interested in exhibiting at our February 17, 2018 Art Show and Sale and donating to the Silent Auction?  We provide the space, tables, panels and more.  You provide the art and your time!  Contact us today!  TheArtistsofScottsdaleRanch@yahoo.com or through this website...Contact Us.

Meet the Artists

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Anne Paske

Wild Animal Photography

Anne has traveled to Africa and on a recent trip discovered that she has a real eye for photography. She is having a great time displaying her beautiful photographs.

Judy Nelson


Judy started painting late in life thinking if Grandma Moses could, so could

she. At the young age of 60, she took up painting for fun and fell in love with

watercolors. Most of her work is in watercolor but every once and a while, an

acrylic is thrown in for good measure, she's come to see the world

in different shapes and colors and has enjoyed painting both realistic and

abstract offerings on paper. Judy is basically self taught but has been very

fortunate to have many artistic friends and teachers in both AZ and MN, and WI where she spends her summers. She is forever learning and has not really settled on any one "style". Maybe that IS her style...you know "the jack of all trades"!!!!!


Sharon Grodnick

Original Oils

As Sharon states, she is "Expanding the visual borders of imagination to create paintings that will bring joy in peoples lives.  The interrelationship of texture and color and how they influence each viewer is intriguing."   


Wendy H. Lyons 

Keepsake Lifetime Bouquets

The Frustrated Florist

Wendy is the Chief Button Officer of The Frustrated Florist, a division of her WeeAttic collection of exotic eclectibles. She retired in 2012 after 35 years as a local healthcare executive.  Now she spends her time bringing smiles to the faces of her patrons with flowers made from buttons, beads and anything with a bit of whimsy. Her repertoire includes bouquets, corsages, hats and clothing  embellishments, table decor and anything to which a button can be affixed.


Laura Brooks

​Oil Painting

Laura Brooks is an artist residing Scottsdale, AZ.  She has been actively painting for ten years, after a career as an interior designer and a project management and sales professional. She primarily works in oil, with a passion for florals, landscapes, object-focused nature compositions, and the occasional abstract. 

Come enjoy the art. 

We're anxious to see you and show you our crafts!

Amy Kadori

Pearl and Gemstone

 Arizona artist Amy Kadori’s jewelry designs have been exhibited in boutiques, galleries, and juried art shows across the country.  Many of her pieces feature modern interpretations of pearls. Pearls highlight a woman's face as no other jewelry does. These pearl pieces are less formal than traditional pearls and are meant to look as good with jeans as they do with velvet.

 Attention All.....




Arlyne Pasco

Mixed Media

Arlyne is an accomplished multi-media artist. Agraduate of the University of Miami, She has continued her professional studies including pastels, sculpture, batik, watercolor, pen and ink and acrylics. She utilizes a process oriented approach, in other words, enjoying the journey and having fun. Arlyne is influenced by her mother Anita Pasco an accomplished and prolific acrylic artist.

Art by Sheila

Beads by Sheila



Roy Bratton

Color and Black & White Photography

Roy is based out of Scottsdale. He photographs in color as well as black and white. Creating stunning pictures of nature in abstract, landscape and natural patterns and portraits. He also photographs animals and portraits of objects.



Jeanie Fernandez


Jeanie has lived in Scottsdale 30 years after moving here from Denver, CO.She has tried various mediums such as oils, acrylics and pastels.  Six years ago after trying watercolors, she found here favorite.

Sheila Schneider

Pastels and Jewelry 

Sheila has been a pastellist and for many years and teaches pastels at

the Scottsdale Senior Center. This medium has been a long-time passion

of hers. The process is so immediate and  vibrant and the pigment pure

in color. She hopes  you enjoy her work as much as she enjoys creating it!

Sheila also creates jewelry. She attributes her jewelry art to a need to design

and create. Originally making jewelry for herself, it was an instant hit and now

she designs for others. She hopes her artistic approach appeals to you.                                      

Penny Kula



Penny's Russian grandmother was an artist and she is her inspiration. The Sonoran desert and brilliant skies are the source for her paintings.


More Artists to Come

Visit us often to see who is participating.

The Artists of Scottsdale Ranch are continuously adding new artists to our ranks. If you know an artist in Scottsdale Ranch or nearby that you think may be interested in joining, please contact us at our email TheArtistsofScottsdaleRanch@yahoo.com  or through this website, click on Contact Us.

2017 Participating Artists



The Artists of Scottsdale Ranch and our neighboring communities are diverse and unique. Each artist tells a story through their art, whether love of nature, people, places and things, experiences, new and different techniques and materials or just plain whimsy, you are sure to be awed and delighted. 



Jim Weyrens

Clay and Glaze 

Jim's pottery is mostly functional with a Southwest flair!  Jim and his wife, Peg, spend their winters in Scottsdale and love the Desert . This year Jim has created several decorative pieces including a lamp using new glazing process. He spends two to three days a week   "potting". And his reward is seeing others enjoying his work.

Maryann Palm

Maryann started designing jewelry 13 ears ago and besides her private customers, several gift shops in Illinois carried her designs.  When she moved to Wisconsin, her jewelry designs expanded to reflect her deep connection to nature.  Involved in her local Art Community, their juried Art Show and as many as 7 gift shops, she yearned for a warmer climate.  Accepted into the Fountain Hills Art Festival,  she made the move to Arizona!   

Jane Ann Schowengerdt

Fused Glass Jewelry and Artifacts

Jane Ann has been an artist her entire life and tinkered ith many differing mediums. Early retirement, has allowed her to pursue her artistry full time and she has found a new fascination with pastels. With a Master's in Education and a certification in art she was able to share her talents with the primary age students in her classrooms. And she taught art to kids and adults for 30 years while in Kansas City. She now devotes her time between art work, her family, cooking, swimming and tennis.