The Artists of Scottsdale Ranch and our neighboring communities are diverse and unique. Each artist tells a story through their art, whether love of nature, people, places and things, experiences, new and different techniques and materials or just plain whimsy, you are sure to be awed and delighted.  The Feburary 12, 2022 show will featured 20 artists shown below. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Judi Bloom_Circle.jpg
Judi Bloom

After a thirty-five year career in the cosmetic industry, Judi's new direction and focus is painting. She is a self taught artist, who over the last 8 years found her niche in painting women. Judi loves what she does and hopes you enjoy viewing her art  as much as she does painting her creations.

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Chey Loraine_new.jpg
Chey Loraine

Chey Loraine is an American artist and designer from Arizona who is committed to making your home a work of art. Her passion is creating original abstract acrylic paintings with vibrant colors and prints with inspirational messages. Chey was born in California, raised in Pacific Northwest and transplanted to Arizona. Living in the desert leaves her longing for the ocean beaches she grew up with which is reflected in her art. Her muse can be described as dreamy blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Arlyne Pasco_circle.jpg
Arlyne Pasco
Acrylics, Pastel, Mixed Media

Arlyne is an accomplished multi-media artist. A graduate of the University of Miami, she has continued her professional studies including pastels, sculpture, batik, watercolor, pen and ink and acrylics. She utilizes a process oriented approach, in other words, enjoying the journey and having fun. Arlyne is influenced by her mother Anita Pasco an accomplished and prolific acrylic artist.

Arlyne Pasco 2.jpg
Bill Hammers_circle.jpg
William Hammers

Born and raised in Detroit, Bill moved to Scottsdale in 1980. With degrees in both Math and Counseling, he specialized in working with students having Math anxiety at PVCC, where he was named both Employee of the Year and Innovator of the Year in 1991-2. Since retiring from teaching in 2000, he earned two more degrees in Jazz Studies and Arranging and currently owns/operates Altissimo Recording Studio.

Bill Hammers.png
Rick Graff Circle.jpg
Rick Graff
Acrylic & Pastels

Rick Graff moved to the USA from South Africa almost 35 years ago.  He began his American adventure as a newly graduated architect in New York City.  Rick moved to San Diego and spent many years practicing creative; ranging from architecture to graphic design, to furniture design and door design. He moved to Scottsdale about 5 years ago and with the advent of COVID, he began abstract painting – with a passion. Rick is drawn to the abstract style since it embodies freedom of expression as well as freedom of interpretation. His art is driven by the elements of surprise. No expectations.

Rick Graff Art.jpg
Deb circle.jpg
Deborah Bauer

Deborah Bauer holds a degree in graphic design. Her painted ceramic pieces are hand-built using white stoneware. They are microwave and food safe. 

Deb Bauer art.jpg
Fiber Art
Lois 2.jpg
Lois Wendling
Fiber Art

Lois has been quilting traditional quilts for over 25 years but discovered Fiber Art Quilts about 9 years ago. She is an award-winning fiber artist and quilter, with some of her pieces being displayed in Art Galleries across the nation. Using her creativity with Fiber Art quilts has been one of her most satisfying ventures ever undertaken. She enjoys designing and creating new pieces of art in the form of Fiber Art in her studio and is always learning new techniques. Her inspiration comes from nature. Working with all the colors of the rainbow and the different designs of fabric soothes her mind and soul. She has found nothing compares to losing herself in creating new Fiber Art pieces.

Barbara Janson Circle.jpg
Barbara Janson
Fiber Art

The complexity and beauty of Barbara’s work reflect the essence of her heart and heritage. Raised in Minnesota, Barb inherited a love of the outdoors from her father and sewing skills from her mother, a professional seamstress.  As an award-winning fiber artist and competitive quilter, Barb applies the rules of good design and the painterly skills she learned while earning her Bachelors of Fine Arts to her favorite hard-edge medium-Fabric. Barb is a creative professional, who was most recently featured in Art Quilting Studio magazine.  

Barbara Janson.JPG
Sandy Pendleton_Circle.jpg
Sandy Pendleton

Sandy Pendleton has always been fascinated by the magic of light passing through colored glass.  Add texture or bubbles and you get more sparkle. Add a reflective surface and you get shimmer and iridescence. Move the glass when it is molten and you capture the energy of that motion. It is the possibilities of glass as an art medium that stimulates her curiosity and creativity.  Sandy is a long-time resident of Arizona.  She creates artworks for the wall, sculpture and functional items from her home studios in Cave Creek and Pinetop, Arizona. Her work is available at galleries, art shows and via the internet.  

Sandy Pendleton art.jpg
Jewelry & Accessories
Maryann Palm_Circle.jpg
Maryann Palm 

Maryann started designing  jewelry 13 ears ago and aside from her private customers, several gift shops in Illinois carried her designs.  When she moved to Wisconsin, her jewelry designs expanded to reflect her deep connection to nature.  Involved in her local Art Community, their juried Art Show and as many as 7 gift shops, she yearned for a warmer climate. Accepted into the Fountain Hills Art Festival, she made the move to Arizona!  

Maryann Palm 2.jpg
Carol Tenwalde_Circle.jpg
Carol Tenwalde
Statement Jewelry - Twisted Sister

Carol has been crafting all her life and flooding her loved ones with her creations. Seven years ago that passion migrated into making 'statement jewelry'. Realizing that jewelry is a very crowded field, she struggled for a way to standout. After much trial and error, she invented a wire wrapping technique she calls the Twisted Sister. BINGO! If you enjoy getting tons of compliments, then you need to wear a 'Twisted Sister'. She also has a line of dazzlingly colorful recycled sari ribbon jewelry.

Carol Tenwalde 2.jpg
Mixed Media
Jim Rapisarda_Circle.jpg
Jim Rapisarda
Stone/Canvas on Copper

Jim works primarily with oil/acrylic on travertine stone and canvas. Jim is originally from Long Island, NY. His work represents places that he has visited. Art provides a lasting memory of places and things people have enjoyed throughout their lives.

Leslie circle.jpg
Leslie Kiefus
Ceramic Flowers

Leslie is a biomedical engineer by training but an art enthusiast by nature and has been crafting for many years. Her ceramic flowers are large 3D puzzles; getting all those pieces to fit together and stay together is an all-consuming challenge! She is self-taught and finds that her technical skills are quite useful in this medium.  

Leslie art.png
Karen Wall_Circle.jpg
Karen Wall​ 

As The Wall Company, Karen spent twenty-five years working as an artist. Her work included wall murals, painted furniture and custom finishes throughout the Valley. In retirement, Karen spends her time creating oil paintings. She lives in Scottsdale Ranch with her newlywed husband Richard.

Karen Wall 2.jpg
Pastels & Charoals
Julieta Hughes.jpg
Julieta Hughes
Pastels and Charcoals

Julieta Hughes is a self-taught portrait artist originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Art has been her passion since she got chickenpox at the tender age of three, pre-Internet, had to be home for weeks, decided to pick up a pencil and the rest is history. She specializes in realistic-looking portraits of humans as well as pets, in charcoal pencils as well as pastel pencils. For samples of her work and the services, she offers visit her website below. For live drawing lessons and more of her artistic repertoire, follow Julieta on Instagram.

Larry Circle.jpg
Larry Norban

Larry is a digital art photography artist specializing in 

Surreal and Lazer. He's been practicing photography for more than 50 years and has taken pictures in many lands.

He switched from film to digital photography in 2005 and beginning in 2017 studied art photography at Paradise Valley Community College.

Larry  2.jpg
Judy Nelson_Circle.jpg
Judy Nelson

Judy started painting late in life thinking if Grandma Moses could, so could she. At the young age of 60, she took up painting for fun and fell in love with  watercolors. Most of her work is in watercolor but every once and a while, an acrylic is thrown in for good measure. She's come to see the world in different shapes and colors and has enjoyed painting both realistic and abstract offerings on paper. Judy is basically self taught but has been very fortunate to have many artistic friends and teachers in both AZ and MN, and WI where she spends her summers. She is  forever learning and has not really settled on any one "style." Maybe that IS her know "the jack of all trades!"

Judy Nelson 2.jpg
Carolyn Wheelock_Circle.jpg
Carolyn Wheelock

Carolyn has dabbled in art all her life. Now living in Scottsdale, she is investing herself in drawing and painting. She paints in oils and acrylics, with a current focus on transparent watercolor. Calling her compositions “intimate landscapes” her artwork is representational but not photographic. She draws her inspiration from architecture and nature with subjects such as patio gates, her fishpond, garden paths, and plein air studies. 

Lost Dog Wash - Carolyn for Web.jpg